Descendants of William NEWTH b.10 Aug 1835 Wootton Basset, and baptized on the 30th August, Wootton Basset, Wiltshire, Eng.  d.14 Nov 1919 Tahunanui, Nelson and buried at Spring Grove, Nelson.
sp: Ellenor KINZETT  b. 20 Apr 1837 Oxhill, Warwickshire, Eng. m.10 May 1859  d. 10 Oct 1922
Ida NEWTH b. 28 Apr 1860 Blenheim, N.Z.  d. 6 Jan 1938 sp: Alfred George KNAPP  m. 19 Sep 1883
Julia Anne NEWTH  b. 22 Apr 1862 Blenheim  d.31 Jan 1954
sp: Charles Edward Moore CURTIS  b. 8 Dec 1861 Collingwood d. 29 Jun 1919 Cobden
Alice Cecelia NEWTH  b. 21 Jul 1866  d. 23 Sep 1867
Amelia (Millie) NEWTH  b. 19 Apr 1868
sp: James HESLIN
Alice Cecelia NEWTH  b. 25 Jul 1869  d. 22 Dec 1935
Enrolled Marlboroughtown School 1873. Electoral Roll 1893: Alice Cecilia Spring Grove, domestic duties. Probate: Spinster, Nelson, will filed 13 Feb. 1936
Edith NEWTH  b. 1870  d. Infant
Lillian (Lilly) Lindora NEWTH  b. 12 Mar 1871
sp: Charles MASTERS
Sarah Eveline NEWTH  b. 25 Mar 1873  d. 29 Apr 1941
Arthur William NEWTH  b. 28 Aug 1876  d. 11 Jun 1948 Wakefield, N.Z.
sp: Martha Harriet HIGGINS b. 14 Mar 1879 Foxhill   m. 7 Nov 1901
sp: Leila Bertha HIGGINS  b. 14 Mar 1899  m. 7 Sep 1926  d. 6 Oct 1959
Probate: Leila Bertha, widow, Wakefield, will filed 9 Oct. 1959.
Thomas NEWTH  b. 2 Jan 1880  d. 13 Apr 1913

Notes with burial records: Died 1919, 84yrs. Son of Robert Newth. William was
6yrs old when he arrived on the Lloyds. At one time a brick maker. He retired
to live at Tahunanui.

Headstone: Tom Newth died 13-4-1914, 36yrs, William Newth born Wiltshire
10-8-1936, died 14-11-1919, Elinor Kinzett born Warwickshire 20-4-1837, died

According to marriage register 7 May 1859.
Newspaper death notice: On 14th Nov 1919 at res. Tahuna, William Newth aged 84yrs, late of Brightwater.
1887-88 NZPO Dir. William brickmaker, Brightwater.
1866/7,  Wairau Electoral Rolls William Newth 1. Freehold Opawa part of Sect 42. 2. Freehold Town of Blenheim sects 202 & 203 Main St. 3. House same place.
Wises Dir. 1894-5 William -brickmaker - Brightwater.
Stones Dir 1899 William Newth, brickmaker, Spring Grove.
1919 Nelson Electoral Roll: Brickmaker, Brightwater.
1893 Nelson Electoral Roll: Brickmaker, Waimea South.
Jury List 1859-1860 thru to 1861-1862 William Newth, Waimea East, labourer.

William Newth
photo curtesy Alan Moore
The Nelson Provincial Museum also has the negatives for this photo Tyree ref 32135/3
Home of William Newth
photo curtesy Alan Moore
The Nelson Provincial Museum also has the negatives for this photo and another one taken on the same day showing his workshop.
Daroux ref. 114833/5 and 114832/5
Arthur William
Elinor Newth nee Kinzett
photos curtesy of Alan Moore
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