Nelson 1845 census:
Robert Newth, brickmaker Suburban South.
1849 census: residence Hardy St. made 200,000 bricks during year. 5 males & 4 females in residence; 1 male under 2yrs, 1 male & 1 female 2-7yrs, 3 males & 2 females 7-14 years, 1 male & 1 female 21-45yrs.  Religion Wesleyan, born Eng. Squatter on land, Earth house. shingle roof, 6 acres tended, 4.75 cleared and cultivated, 2.5 wheat, 1 oats, 1 grass, .25 orchard. No births, deaths or marriages. 20 cattle. 1 horse.

Jury List 1845 Robert Newth, Bridge St, Brickmaker.
Jury List  Feb 7, 1846  Robert Newth, Milton Grove, Brickmaker
Jury List Feb 6, 1847 Robert Newth, Hardy St, Brickmaker.
Jury List  Feb 5, 1848 and Feb 24, 1849 Robert Newth, Hardy St, Brickmaker.
Jury List  Feb 15, 1850-1851 Robert Newth, Hardy St., Brickmaker.
Jury List 1851-1852 and 1854-1855 Robert Newth, Waimea West, farmer.
Jury List 1855 Robert Newth, Waimea East, farmer. - same each year thru to 1861-62.

Julia Lucella NEWTH b.1835  d.Abt 1916
sp: John ANDREWS  b. 1832  m. 27/8 Jun 1855 at residence of Mr. Newth, Waimea South. d.1899

William NEWTH b.10 Aug 1836 Wootton Basset, Wiltshire, Eng. d.14 Nov 1919 Tahunanui. Probate: William, brickmaker, Brightwater, will filed 13 Apr 1920.
sp: Ellenor KINZETT  b.20 Apr 1837 Oxhill, Warwickshire, Eng.  m.10 May 1859  d.10 Oct 1922
Edward NEWTH  b.1837/1839 Eng.  d.11 Jul 1913 Brightwater, Nelson. sp: Mary Ann BULLARD  b.1852  m.10 Jun 1868  d. 1920. Probate: Edward, farmer, Brightwater, will filed 2 Sept 1913.
Robert Hughburn NEWTH b.1840 England  d.1928. Probate: Intestate - filed 18 Jul 1928, bricklayer, Palmerston North. sp: Charlotte NEIL  m. 27 Dec 1861  d.1926
Charlotte b. 19 Jul 1864 Wairau
Robert Hughburn b. 19 Jul 1864 Wairau
Tom Nelson NEWTH b. 2 May 1843  d. 6 May 1843 Nelson.
Tom Nelson NEWTH  b. 1847 or 1844 N.Z.  d. 1894 Foxton

sp: Mary Jane WRATT  b. abt 1846  m. 22 Jul 1869  d. 25 Jul 1911 Electoral Roll 1893 Mary Jane, married, Union St, Foxton. Probate: Mary Jane, widow, Brightwater, will filed 9 Aug 1911.
Lily Lindora NEWTH sp: John RUTHERFORD  b.1840  m. 23 May 1868

Robert Newth was the 9th and youngest child of Edward Newth  (b.1770 Buthay, Wootton Bassett, Wilt., England  d.1854) and Elizabeth HUNT (b. 1770 Wiltshire, England  m. 2 Apr 1792  d.1850)

Robert was born on the 10th of November 1811 in Wootton Bassett.  He maried Edith Ogbourne on the 28th July 1831.  Edith was the daughter of Thomas Ogbourne and Edith Coleman.  She was born
1806 in Wootton Bassett and  died on the 1st of  December 1873.

He died 30 Nov, 1875 cert. no.1209. Plot 34, no headstone. Probate: Robert, brickmaker, Waimea South, will filed 30 Mar 1876.

The family emigrated to Nelson New Zealand.

Waimea South Deaths: 1875 Robert Newth 30th Nov Spring Grove, male, 63 yrs, farmer, Cephalitis, informant William Newth son, Spring Grove.

Edith came out on the Lloyds with her family along with Ann Newth and her family. Husbands came out on a separate ship three months earlier. Ships records: Edith Newth 31 yrs, 3 boys, 6, 3, 9mths, 1 girl 7yrs.
Try death cert. no.157 Edith Anne. Plot 33, no headstone. Robert next door in
plot 34.
Waimea South deaths: 1873 Dec 2nd. Edith Newth 65 yrs female Spring Grove. Decay of Nature. Informant Edward Newth.
Thomas Nelson Newth Apr 1881
Professional copy from negative
available from Isel Museum. It shows down to his ankles.
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