Mark Newth was born in Wootton Bassett 1n 1806.  He died on the 19th Jul 1888 in Collingwood St., Nelson and was buried 3 days later on the 22nd July 1888.

From Death register: "Died of bronchitis and old age (86). Father Thomas Newth, gentleman and mother Elizabeth Astle. Children surviving him: 1 male 61yrs 3 females 62, 52, & 49 years. Married in Wiltshire aged 23 yrs to Ann Bye. Resided in Nelson 48 yrs.
Mark and Ann are buried in an unmarked grave near the entrance of the Waimea West Cem. The record book at the Waimea Council records the fact that they had donated the land for the cemetery.
Newspaper death notice: On 19th July 1888 at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Bell of Collingwood St., Mr. Mark Newth aged 86yrs.

1872 Nelson Electoral Roll: Wottenfields freehold1 Waimea West part of section 120., Leasehold 2 Waimea West sect 121.

Ann Bye b. 1809 England. Daughter of James Bye and Mary Stringer.
Came out on Lloyds with her family along with Edith Newth and her family. Husbands came out on a separate ship three months earlier. Ships records: Ann Newth 33 yrs, 1 boy, 13yrs, 5 girls 14, 8, 7, 4 yrs 18mths.
Died 30th Jan 1886 aged 82 in Waimea West. Buried 1 Feb 1886.
Cause of death Albuminuria Senile Decay. Lived 44 yrs in NZ. Married in England aged 22 yrs to Mark Newth.

1.  Amelia Ann b. 1826 Wootton Bassett. d. 14 Mar 1917. Married John Davies 1 Jan. 1847.
2.  Mark Daniel b. 1827 Wootton Bassett. d. 1911 Foxton NZ. ? St. 
    Michael's, Waimea West, Nelson. m. Harriet Norris 6 Nov 1848.
3.  Thomas b. 1829 Wootton Bassett. d. 1830 Wootton Bassett.
4.  Elizabeth b. 1831 Wootton Bassett. d. 1831 Wootton Bassett.
5.  Betsy Jane b. 1834 Wootton Bassett. d. 24 Aug. 1877, buried 27
    Aug. 1877 Waimea West. m. 1851/2 Gardner Hunter d. 22 Jan 1908.
    Waimea South Deaths: 1877 24th Aug. Betsy Jane Hunter 45 yrs, father Mark Newth, mother Ann,  Nephutis, Buried 27th Waimea West,        married to Gardner Hunter, 12 children - 7 males 5 females, informant Phillip Hunter son, Waimea West. Probate: Gardner, Waimea               West, will filed 1 Feb 1908 Nelson Court.

6.  Helena Eleanor  b. 1835 Wootton Bassett. d. 1842 at sea on the Lloyds.
7.  Elizabeth Eliza b. 1838 Wootton Bassett. d. 1918 Brightwater, Nelson, NZ. m.1. George Bell. m. 2. Thomas Thomas 1888.
8.  James b. 1838 Wootton Bassett. d. 1838 Wootton Bassett.
9.  Martha Ann b. 1839/40 Wootton Bassett. d. 1912 Wanganui, NZ. m. George Snow 1859 Richmond, Nelson, NZ.
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Descendents of Mark and Ann erected a memorial plaque on the previously unmarked grave at Waimea West and you will see by the before and after phots that they tidied up the railings and paint them.

On Sunday 18th Dec. 2005 Bernard Hadfield led the proceedings and Elsie Curnow uncovered the plaque at a very well attended ceremony.

There are copies of this photo in various states of condition among the descendants of Mark Newth, however, the Nelson Provincial Museum has a good negative reference C230 that good prints can be purchased from.
Left -Ellen Ann (Annie) Hunter - daughter of Betsy Jane Newth. Right- Simeon Russ, daughter Muriel, son Leonard, and wife Annie.

Jury List 17 Feb 1844 and 1845 Mark Newth, Waimea West, Sawyer.
Jury List  Feb 7, 1846 and Feb 6, 1847 Mark Newth, Waimea West, Labourer.
Jury List  Feb 5, 1848 and Feb 24, 1849 Mark Newth, Waimea West, Sawyer.
Jury List  Feb 15, 1850-1851  Mark Newth, Waimea West, Sawyer.
Jury List 1851-1852 and 1854-1855 Mark Newth, Waimea West, farmer.
Jury List 1855 thru to 1857-58 Mark Newth, Waimea South, Farmer.
Jury List 1858-1859 thru to 1861-1862 Mark Newth, Waimea West, farmer.