Julia Anne (Annie) was the second oldest child and second daughter of William and Elinor and was born on the 22 April 1862 in Blenheim.
Birth Cert. no. 290 Wairau.
She married Charles Edward Moore Curtis.
Her early married life appears to have been spent in Stillwater, on the West Coast, and later they built and moved to Cobden.
From stories I've heard about her, from relations on the Coast, she was an amazingly active lady. Not only was she a hard worker, but extremely fit and agile. She was a great walker and covered long distances at a good pace. I've heard said that from behind she was mistaken for a woman decades younger than her actual age when "striding it out" in her senior years.
It has been suggested she much preferred having sons to daughters and that her daughters were all named after boats that came to grief on the Grey River bar!
She died on the 31st January 1954. Funeral at Holy Trinity Church Greymouth on Tuesday 2nd Feb.
Death cert no. 832 Cobden 1954
Stones Directory 1948: Annie Curtis 11 Peel St, Cobden. (House no longer standing.)

Annie and Charlie
Annie and Charlie