Ida was the oldest child of William and Elinor and was born on the 28th Apr 1860 in Blenheim.
Birth cert no.220 1860?

Newspaper marriage notice: On 19th Sept. 1883 at St. Paul's Church Brightwater by the Ven. Archdeacon Mules, Alfred George, 4th son of James Knapp to Ida, eldest daughter of Mr. William Newth, both of Spring Grove.

She died on the 6th Jan. 1938 and was buried at Mt. Heslington Cemetery in Spring Grove two days later on the 8th January.

Ida, centre, holding Trevor.
Four generations: Elinor Newth, Lillian Russ (nee Knapp), Ida Knapp (nee Newth) and Eila Moore (nee Russ).