Amelia Ann Newth was born on the 1st January 1826 in Wootton Bassett - the first child of Mark Newth and Ann Bye and Christened there on the 22nd January. She died on the 14th March 1917, Dovedale, Nelson, NZ aged 91 years.
On the 1st of January 1947 she married John Davies (born 22 Mar 1820, Llanelli, Glamorganshire, Wales, died 4 Nov 1902, Dovedale, Nelson, NZ).

They had a good sized family all born at Waimea West and a good few of them settled in the Dovedale area - as the local cemetery would testify.
MARK DANIEL DAVIES  was born 22 September 1847 Waimea West and died 14 September 1914 Owen Junction, Nelson, N.Z. He married in 1878 to Elizabeth "Annie" WIN, born 1858 and died 1909. Mark, farmer, Belgrove, will filed 30 Sept 1914.
Now they were good breeders too and the info I have on them is a bit thin. If you can add to it please do.

Gladys Davies b. 20 Oct 1881 according to Churchill School records. Admitted 8 August 1893 then left for Dovedale 1 Sep 1893 and readmitted to Churchill 5 Aug 1895. Last day at school 16 Mar. 1896 - finished school. (I did find a Gladys Harriet Annie Davies on my Wakefield marriage registrations married to a Michael HICKEY 15 Jan 1902 at St. Joseph's, Wakefield and application 3 Jan 1902.)
William "Darcy" Davies b. 8 Oct 1883 d. 1968 Admitted to Churchill School 26 Sept 1892 then left briefly to go to Wins Valley returning from Dovedale School 8 Aug. 1893. I have two marriage dates - 1905 in Stratford to Margaret KENNEDY (b. 1883 d. 11 Nov 1920) and 19 Dec 1933 in Auckland to Marion Isabel EDWARDS. Darcy d. 4 Nov 1968 Edgecombe aged 86 yrs, bur. Hillcrest Cem. Whakatane RSAASH Plot 4. William Darcy went off to the first World War leaving behind a wife and four children. Upon his return another child was born and soon after this his first wife died.
Children from the first marriage were:
Kenneth William Davies b. 30 Jun 1906
Constance Margaret Anne Davies b. 18 Jun 1908
Valmai Florris Davies b. 6 Aug 1909
Esmie Hilda Davies b. 18 May 1942
Eileen Margaret Davies b. 24 Sept 1920
Children from the second marriage were:
Ian Darcy Davies
Eva Marion Davies b. 3 Apr 1937 d. 23 Nov 1996 (Eva made a name for herself as a paraplegic athlete - known as Eve Rimmer. She wrote a book about her life called "No Grass Between My Toes".
Ailsa May Davies
Elizabeth Mary Davies
Leslie Davies b. 4 Dec 1887. Admitted to Churchill School 8 Aug 1893 from Dovedale School. Last day of attendence 17 Apr 1896 destination Wins Valley. Disappeared under mysterious circumstances in his 20's. It seems he was a farm labourer and was having an affair with the farmer's wife. Money was still left in his bank account.
Constance (Connie) Ellen Davies b. 4 Jan 1885. Admitted to Churchill School along with siblings on the 8th Aug 1893 from Dovedale School and after 8 days left (to return to Dovedale) and returned on the 5th Aug 1895 until she left again on 24 Jan 1896 for the Win Valley. 1908 NZ Gazette - Teacher Nelson. m. 1917 O'CONNOR. Probate: Constance Ellen, widow, Waimea West, will file Nelson Court 14 Sept 1978.
Hilda Violet Davies b. 20 Dec 1888. Admitted to Churchill School 5 Apr 1894 and stayed until leaving for Wins Valley on 24 Jan 1896. NZ Gazette 1717 Teacher, Nelson.
Lee Win (Pin) Davies b. 11 Jan 1891 d. 1986 m. 1914 Ida Courtney SOLE b. 22 Jul 1891 New Plymouth.
Robert Davies b. 1893 d. 18 Jan 1979. Never married.

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CARL AUGUSTUS FRANK DAVIES born 22nd November 1868 died 1945 Taranaki, NZ.  Married Charlotte Elizabeth HAWKES 1894. Marriage application  2nd July 1894 at Wakefield.
Carl, farmer, Mangatoki, will filed 12 Sept 1945 New Plymouth.

MINNIE DAVIES born 18 Nov. 1866 died 4th Dec 1937 Richmond, Nelson. Married Martin Staples SMITH 24th December 1890. Probate: Minnie, widow, Nelson, will filed 21 Jan 1938 Wellington Court. Martin b. 3 Jun 1866, Probate: Martin, machinest, Nelson, will filed 17 Aug 1928 Wellington Court.

ALBERT NEWTH DAVIES born 10 Jun 1864 died 26 Feb
1954 Nelson. Married Emily Jane RUSS  on 18 Jun 1885 Spring
Grove. Marriage application 12 Jun 1885 at Wakefield. Emily Jane
b. 10 Jun 1866 Waimea West d. 5 Dec 1907 aged 41 years.
Presbyterian Marriages: 17 Jun 1885 Christian Chapel, Spring
Grove. Albert Newth Davies of Spring Grove, 21 yrs, labourer
born Waimea West, son of John Davies, Labourer and Amelia
Ann Newth married Emily Jane Russ of Waimea West, 19 yrs,
born Waimea West, daughter of Job, Farmer and Elizabeth
Satherley. Witnesses Thomas Russ, farmer, Waimea West and
Bertha Russ, spinster Waimea West.
Albert's will filed 15 Apr 1954, Nelson Court. Died aged 89 yrs, bur
Dovedale Cem plot 49 along with wife Emily Jane who died 5 Dec
Emily Jane Russ, born to Job and Elizabeth, was an only daughter
after a succession of nine sons. Her birth must have been an
occassion for rejoicing, the more so because her family had just
been through a time of grief. Emily's eldest brother Henry, aged 22                                  Gravestone in Dovedale Cem.
and her sixth brother Walter, 12, had died from typhoid a few
months before her birth.
Although Emily was the last child born into the Job Russ family, three years later there was another baby to bring up. Job's brother Jacob lost his wife Margaret when their youngest child was a few weeks old. So Job and Elizabeth added baby Bertha to their family, and Emily grew up with an adopted sister to share her childhood and youth.
Emily and Bertha were still only young girls, Emily turned 12 and Bertha 9, when Elizabeth died suddenly after an accident.
Emily married when aged about 18 or 19, and went to live in the Dovedale Valley. Even before her marriage, she had two sisters-in-law from the Davies family, Sylvia and Lily, who had married her brothers Albert and Fred, and she became the bride of their youngest brother, Albert Newth Davies.
Like Emily, Albert Davies had grown up in Waimea West, but he went, with several of his brothers, to break in farmland in Dovedale. However, the farm was not always able to support his family, and he supplemented his income by road work, helping to make the roads to and through Dovedale. Many remember how he worked a road grader drawn by horses. His work took him as far away as Tophouse and Blenheim, so that he would sometimes be away from home for a week at a time. For a number of years he was a member of the Waimea County Council, and his daughter Eva remembered how he would get up very early in the morning to milk his cows, before setting off in a gig to catch the train at Wakefield and go to council meetings.

Job Albert  d. 20 Aug 1979, buried Dovedale Cem plot 48 aged 93 yrs. Probate: Job, famer, Dovedale, will filed 2 Oct 1979 Nelson Court. Admitted Churchill School 19 Sept 1894 by Albert Davies. m. 1912 Winifred Mary WIN. Marriage applic. Wakefield 22/4/1912.  1918 NZ Gazette Job, farmer, Nelson, Military Call Up. Winifred died 29 Jun 1952 aged 67 yrs.                            
Minnie Ellen  b. 2 Jan 1889. m. 1913 William Lawrence G BRISLANE. Admitted Churchill School 24 Apr 1894 by Albert Davies. Last day of schooling 21 Oct 1903.  Probate: Minnie Ellen, widow, Nelson, will filed 9 Jun 1965 Nelson Court.
Eva Emily b. 12 Nov 1892.  Admitted Churchill School 18 Jan 1897 by Albert Davies. Probate: Eva Emily, spinster, Dovedale, will filed 13 Jan 1984 Nelson Court.
Ivy Elizabeth b. 3 May 1897. m. 1921 Albert Bernard HOCTON. Admitted Churchill School 1 Sept 1902 by A. Davies, Dovedale. Last day of schooling 6 Dec 1911 destination Home help.
Probate: Ivy, widow Richmond, will filed 10 May 1977 Nelson Court. Probate: Albert, retired farmer, Dovedale, will filed 26 Jul 1973 Nelson Court.

LEILA MILLS (LILY) DAVIES born 12 Oct 1860 died 14 Mar 1917 Waimea West. Married Charles Frederick RUSS 23 October 1879, Dovedale, Nelson. Marriage application  16 Oct 1879 at Wakefield. Charles Frederick Russ NZ Gazette 1891 Waimea Rd Board Member. Probate: Charles, died 2 Nov 1901, farmer, Waimea West, intestate filed 5 Dec 1901 Nelson Court. Probate: Leila Mills, nurse, Wakefield, will filed 26 May 1917.
Charles Frederick Russ, called Fred, seventh of the nine sons of Job and Elizabeth was married in 1879 at the age of 23, to the attractive Leila Mills Davies, a week or two after her nineteenth birthday. Leila, genreally known as Lily, had grown up in Waimea West, but her family moved to Dovedale some time before her marriage, and it was there the wedding took place.
Fred farmed at Waimea West when first married, but at some time he ventured to Taranaki. It seems he went there about 1900, with or at the same time as his older brothers Tom and Will Russ. However, he was probably already ill at that time, and he returned to spend his last days in Waimea West, dying in 1901, aged only 45.
It is said that Fred died of a brain tumour.  His death certificate shows that this is not strictly accurate, but probably his illness would have had similar effects. Apparently, a severe ear infection spread to cause what was described as "intra-cranial suppuration". Looking at his later photos, and comparing them with the bright-faced young man of earlier yeats, one can read between the lines that he probably endured a long and very painful illness, which would have caused great suffering both to himself and his family. His youngest child had just turned 2 and his oldest 21 when he died.
According to electoral rolls and directories of 1903 and 1905, Lily was living on Waimea West Road over those years. She supported herself and her family by running a nursing home, first at Wakefield and later at Richmond, with much assistance from her daughter Martha. Over the years Lily published "In Memoriam" notices for her husband, two of which read, in part:-
"Silently the shadows of evening
Gather round our lonely door,
Silently they bring before us
Faces we shall see no more,
Sweet their memory to the lonely ..."
Emily Adeline RUSS b. 12 Oct 1880. Admitted Waimea West School 13 Dec 1886 by Fred'k Russ. Last day of schooling 15 Oct 1895 destination home. Marriage and application to Reuben SNOWDEN registered at Wakefield on 18 Sept 1901. Reuben Snowden b. 6 Dec 1876. Admitted Brightwater School 23 Jan 1882 by John Snowden, Brightwater. Last day 19 Dec 1884 destination Spring Grove. Admitted Spring Grove School by T Snowden, Brightwater. Last day 14 Aug 1888 destination Brightwater. Admitted Brightwater School 1888 by Thos. Snowden. Last day Nov 1889 destination Farm.
"Fred and Lily's oldeast daughter Emily married Reuben Snowden, who grew up on a farm in Brightwater. Reuben, who continued to be a farmer, moved away from Nelson, first to Cambridge and then Hikurangi, North Auckland.  It was there that Emily died in 1918, a victim of the "flu" epidemic that followed World War 1. She left a son and two daughters. Her husband died at Hikurangi 20 years later.
Martha Vida RUSS b. 3 Oct 1881. m. 1928 GILL. Admitted Waimea West School 13 Dec 1886 by Fred'k Russ. Last day 27 Nov 1895 destination Home.
Martha, second daughter of the Charles Frederick Russ family, is well remembered for her work at the nursing home her mother established. Later Martha took over management of this establishment, and it continued on as a convalescent home and boarding house at Dorset House, Richmond for many years. Martha married Harold Gill at the Richmond Church of Christ in her late thirties; they had no family.
A newspaper report of Martha's wedding says her bridesmaids were her nieces Jessie and Vida Russ. Guests were later received at the bride's homw, Dorset House, and among the gifts was a silver teapot, suitably inscribed, from church members, as both bride and groom were valued church workers. The honeymoon tour was through Westlant to Christchurch, returning via the east coast."
Frederick "Colin" RUSS b. 12 Jun 1883. Admitted Waimea West School 18 Sept 1888 by Fred'k Russ. Last day 22 Jun 1896 destination Home.
Frederick Colin Russ, known as Colin, was the oldest son of Fred and Lily. He married Ann Murcott of Brightwater, and they lived first on 75 acres of bush land in the Lee Valley where the limeworks are now situated, land which had been left to Annie. Colin cut the bush himself, and then went round the roadsides and wasteland of Appleby cutting grass seed to sow it. Later Colin and Annie moved to a farm just over the bridge at the fork of the Lee Valley and the Wairoa Gorge. Colin and Annie had eight children, the youngest of whom were twins, and when the twins were about two years old Colin felt the need to take up more land. In 1920 he moved away from his farm to Tahunanui, and his family lived there for about a year while he looked around NZ for land he could develop as a farm. At Kaikohe he obtained some Maori lease land to which he moved in 1921. Later he was able to take up 3,000 acres of bush adjoining this land. He bought in millers to cut the bush, and gradually converted it to pasture. He visualised running thousands of sheep on this property, but died in his mid fifties.
Edwin D'arcy RUSS b. 26 Sept 1884. m. 1913 Jessie Alma Thomlinson. Admitted Waimea West School 30 Sept 1889 by Fred'k Russ. Last day 8 Nov 1898 destination Home. ganger, Murchison, will filed 15 Jul 1966 Nelson Court. Probate: Jessie Alma, married woman, Murchison, will filed 30 Jun 1958 Nelson Court.
Raymond Walter RUSS b. 19 Jan 1890. Admitted Waimea West School 21 Jan 1895 by C.F. Russ. Last day 18 Sept 1903 destination Home. 1917 NZ Gazette Raymond Walter, Gardener, Wakefield, Military Call Up.
Stanley Lewis RUSS b. 1 Dec 1892.  m. 1917 Alice Eliza Wadsworth. Admitted Waimea West School 6 Dec 1897 by Frederick Russ. Last day 24 Apr 1906 destination Wakefield. From Church of Christ Marriages: Stanley Lewis Russ, 24yrs, farmer, bachelor, born Waimea West, son of Frederick Charles Russ, farmer and Leila Mills nee Davies, to Alice Eliza WADSWORTH, 27 yrs, domestic, spinster, born Wai-iti, daughter of Thomas Win Wadsworth, farmer and Violet Alice  nee Watson on 13th Nov 1917 at the residence of Mr. T.W. Wadsworth, Wai-iti. Probate: Stanley Lewis, retired farmer, Nelson, will filed 17 Jul 1957 Nelson Court. Probate: Alice Eliza, widow, Nelson, will filed 14 Jul 1955! Nelson Court.
Alfred Thornton RUSS b. 1 Feb 1896. m. 1921 Edith Isabell FENN. Admitted Waimea West School 4 Feb 1901 by Fred Russ. Last day 4 May 1906 destination Wakefield.
Charles Howard RUSS b. 20 Mar 1899. Admitted Waimea West School 23 Apr 1906 by Mrs. F. Russ. Previous school Sherry. Last day 30 Apr 1906 destination Home. (is he a nephew rather than son - as came from a different area.)
Vera Ivy RUSS b. 2 Apr 1895. Admitted Waimea West School 23 Apr 1906 by Mrs. F. Russ. Previous school Sherry. Last day 30 Apr 1906 destination Home. (is she a neice rather than son - as came from a different area.)

ADELINE MARTHA DAVIES born 16 Feb. 1859 died 28 August 1860 Waimea West, Nelson.
SLYVIA ELIZA DAVIES born 13 Jun 1857 died 15 Jan 1949 Appleby, Nelson. Married James Albert RUSS 1881 Dovedale, Nelson. Sylvia a widow at time of death. Will filed 2 Feb 1949. Probate: James Albert, farmer, Waimea West, will filed 11 Mar 1920 Nelson Court.
"The couple first lived in a cob cottage on the first of the Waimea West Properties Job Russ had bought one night in 1886 or 1887 they left their humble abode for the last time wading knee-deep in flood waters and carrying
their 4 small children.They lived with one of Albert's brothers for 6 weeks while their new home was being built,"Springfield" the name of their house was open home to friends, strangers including visiting preachers .
Sylvia lived for another 29 yrs after Albert and may have lived longer if she hadn't broken some ribs while gardening." Helen Jennings

Linda Sylvia Ann RUSS b. 6 Feb. 1898 m. ARNOLD. Probate: Linda Sylvia, widow, Richmond, will filed 19 Nov 1973 Nelson Court.
EDWIN BYE DAVIES born 26 Jul 1855 died 2 Sept. 1921 aged 66 yrs. Married Emma Eliza BURNETT 17 Jul 1882. Emma b. 31 Oct 1864 Dovedale d. 9 Dec 1944 Stoke. Application and marriage registered at Wakefield. Edwin buried Dovedale Cem Plot 53. Farmer, will filed 10 Oct 1921 Nelson Court. Emma died aged 79 yrs, buried Dovedale cem Plot 53.

Emily Gertrude b. 16 Nov 1882. m. 1907 Newton LAMMAS. Admitted to Churchill School 6 Aug 1888 by Edwin Davies, Dovedale. Last day of schooling 17 Nov 1897. Probate: Newton, retired, will filed 7 Sept 1961 Nelson Court.
Ada Ann b. 20 Jul 1884 Admitted to Churchill School 23 Jul 1889 by Edwin Davies, Dovedale. m. Francis John LOVERIDGE application Wakefield 19/12/1905. Probate: Francis, famer, Nelson, Intestate, filed 1 Apr 1947 Nelson Court.
Edith Sylvia b. 18 Apr 1886. d. 19Jul 1965 aged 79 yrs, buried Dovedale Cem plot 74. Probate: Edith Sylvia, widow, Woodstock, will filed 16 Aug 1965 Nelson Court. Admitted to Churchill School 19 Oct 1891 by Edwin Davies, Dovedale. Last day of schooling 11 Nov 1901. m. 9 Sept 1907 Ernest John LOVERIDGE, d. 27 Aug 1939, buried Dovedale Cem plot 74 aged 55 yrs. Probate: Ernest John, farmer, Thorpe, intestate filed 13 Oct 1939.
Lewis b. 18 May 1888 Admitted to Churchill School 24 Apr 1894 by Edwin Davies, Dovedale. Last day of schooling 6 Mar 1903.
Karlina May b. 18 Jul 1890 Admitted to Churchill School 6 Aug 1888 by Edwin Davies, Dovedale. Last day of schooling 8 Nov 1905.
Ralph Gladstone Davies b. 22/9 April 1893 died 22 August 1987. m. 1919 Ruby Eva ERICKSEN. He bought a farm in Pigeon Valley in 1920. Admitted to Churchill Scholl 11 Oct 1898 by Mrs. e. Davies, Dovedale. 1917 NZ Gazette, Ralph Gladstone Davies, schoolmaster, Motueka, Military Call Up. His children attended the Pigeon Valley school until it was closed down.
OWEN JOHN DAVIES born 10 May 1853 died 21 July 1925 Dovedale, Nelson. First marriage to Sarah Elizabeth NEWBURY in Feb 1881. Second marriage to Ellen (Nellie) RUSS 4 Jan. 1887. Marriage application to Sarah Elizabeth at Wakefield on 10th February 1881. Marriage application to Ellen Russ at Wakefield on 4th January 1888.
Owen buried Dovedale Cem. Plot 84. Farmer, will filed 5 Aug 1925 Nelson Court.

Owen a widower married his second wife at aged 35yrs he was bedridden for
some time before his death His dog was devoted to him and would jump in
through the bedroom window as soon as he was let off the chain..

" I'll marry you if you bring your 3 children home for me to bring up". This
was the condition Nellie Russ insisted on before accepting Owen Davies
proposal of marriage, his first wife had died of Pneumonia.Nellie was only 16
months old when her mother died in 1869 She was 9 yrs old when stepmother
Catherine joined the family. The Russ and Davies families were well known to
each other and 3 of Nellies cousins had already married a brother and 2
sisters of Owen.  It was her stepson Bert Davies and his wife Blanche who gave
her a home in her old age when she could no longer live alone after breaking
her hip.  Pioneering life in Dovedale was hard enoughfor anyone, but for
Nellie there was perhaps more sorrows than many others suffered. It is said
she had five infant children who did not live and,  of the 3 daughters and
one son who grew up, Emma and Eunice died as young women. The things the
family recall was the whiteness of her washing, the crockery teapot that was
always ready to pour a cup of tea, and her patience and sense of humour.  It
seems her aim was constantly to make life as smooth as she could for others.
Helen J

William b. 1882 Admitted to Churchill School 4 Jun 1888 by Owen Davies, Dovedale. Last day of schooling 13 Jul 1896.
Albert Edwin b. 1884 Admitted to Churchill School 13 Apr 1889 by Owen Davies, Dovedale. Last day of schooling 6 Aug 1897. m. Blanche Evelyn HOCTON 1914 - application Wakefield 16/12 1914. Blanche Evelyn Hocton b. 21 May 1893 was admitted to Churchill School by Louis Appo Hocton, Dovedale on 22 May 1893. (Albert and Roy married sisters).
Mabel Elizabeth Mary Ann b. 4 Feb 1885  d. 8 Jul 1966 aged 81 yrs.  Buried Dovedale Cem plot 103 along with husband, John William. Admitted to Churchill School 15 Jul 1890 by Owen Davies, Dovedale. Last day of schooling 25 Aug 1899. m. 23 Sept 1903 John William HARVEY, d. 6 Oct 1951 aged 79 yrs..
Emma b. 17 Nov 1888 Admitted to Churchill School 25 Apr by 1894 Owen Davies, Dovedale. 
Roy b. 6 Jun 1893 Admitted to Churchill School 11 Nov 1897 by Owen Davies, Dovedale. m. Ruby Mary HOCTON 13 May 1916. Marriage application Wakefield 10/5/1916. Ruby Mary Hocton b. 3 May 1895 was admitted to Churchill School by L.Hocton on 3 May 1900. (Albert and Roy married sisters).

ELLEN DAVIES born 14 August 1851 died 14 May 1931 Dovedale, Nelson. Married Thomas
Roche BURNETT (30 Apr 1854 Nelson - 7 Aug 1921 Dovedale) on 10th Aug 1878. Thomas the son of Richard Burnett and Sarah Ann Ironmonger. Probate: Thomas Roch, Farmer, Nelson will filed 26 Oct 1921. Buried aged 67yr Dovedale Cem plot 51. Ellen aged 79 yrs buried Dovedale Cem plot 50. They produced eight children I know of. Birth dates here are from school records.

John Edwin Thomas Burnett b. 24 Jun 1879 Waimea Sth. d. 4 Apr 1949. m. Margaret Jane COUCH b. 17 Jun 1884 S Africa d. 4 Jun 1970. Admitted to Churchill School 6 Apr 1885 by Thomas Burnett, Dovedale. Last day of schooling 29 Jun 1894. Probate: John Edwin Thomas, builder/farmer, Thorp, will filed 3 May 1949 Wellington Court.
Children of  John and Margaret: Marjorie Melrose b. 28 Mar 1917 Richmond m. 8 Nov 1938 Trevor Steer b. 23 Dec 1908. Hilda Jane b. 7 Jul 1920 Washington Valley, Nelson.       
James Richard Burnett b. 16 Sept 1881 Waimea South. d. 28 Dec 1915 WW1 of disease. Admitted to Churchill School 20 Sept 1886 by Thomas Burnett, Dovedale. Last day of schooling 12 Jan 1897. Probate: James Richard, Farmer, Murchison, will filed 17 Mar 1916 Nelson Court.
Leila Adeline Burnett b. 2 Feb 1883 married 1908 to Percy Blake FIELD. Application for marriage 30 May 1908 Wakefield. Admitted to Churchill School 9 Apr 1888 by Thomas Burnett, Dovedale. Last day of schooling 6 Aug 1897.
Clement Martin Burnett b. 14 Sept 1884 married Ada Bertha WIN 16 June 1911, application for marriage was on 6th June, Wakefield. Admitted to Churchill School 20 Jan 1890 by Thomas Burnett, Dovedale. Ada Bertha Win b. 12 Jun 1885 was admitted to Churchill School 26 Mar 1900 by J Win, Dovedale. Previous school Wins Valley. Last day 21 Oct 1903 (Std 2). Probate: Clement Martin, retired farmer, Putaruru, will filed 24 Feb 1958 Hamilton Court. Probate: Ada Bertha died 19 Jun 1988 widow Te Awamutu, will filed 3 Oct 1988 Hamilton Court.
Amelia Ellen Burnett b. abt 1887 married Noble Alex WIN 1913. Application marriage 9 May 1913 Wakefield. Admitted to Churchill School 30 Aug 1892 by Thomas Burnett, Dovedale. Last day of schooling 16 Dec 1902.
Fenton Montague Burnett b. 20 Jul 1890. d. 30 Sept 1974 aged 84 yrs. Buried plot 94 Dovedale Cem. Admitted to Churchill School 19 Aug 1895 by Thomas Burnett, Dovedale. Last day 20 Nov 1903, destination Dovedale. m. 1916 McRITCHIE.
Ernest Hillier Burnett b. 20 July 1890 d. 20 Dec. 1951. Married 1915 Ethel Hope VAUGHAN b. 2 Jan 1893. Ernest admitted to Churchill School 19 Aug 1895 by Thomas Burnett, Dovedale. Last day 20 Nov 1903, destination Dovedale. Ethel admitted to Westerfield School in Ashburton area by C E Davies of Westerfield on 14 Sept 1908 for a couple of weeks and left again to return to Dovedale on the 4th Oct 1908. Probate: Ethel Hope, widow, Wakefield, will filed 21 Jan 1976 Nelson Court.
Percy Casper Burnett b. 24 May 1893 married Muriel Edith PAPPS 1920. Application for marriage 29 April 1920 Wakefield. Admitted to Churchill School 10 Aug 1899 by Mr. T. Burnett, Dovedale. Last day 20 Nov 1903, destination Dovedale. Died 19 Sept 1964, Dovedale aged 70 yrs. Plot 92 Dovedale cem. Will filed 30 Oct 1964, Farmer. Probate: Muriel Edith, widow, Richmond, will filed 6 Oct 1980 Nelson Court.

MARY ANN DAVIES born 30 July 1849  and died 26 Feb 1930 Matamata, NZ . She married
in 1872 to Thomas MARTIN and they had three children I know of.

Leila Ann Ellen Martin married Henry Martin GRIFFITH 11 July 1900 at Spring Grove, Nelson. Church of Christ Marriages: Henry Martin Griffith 22yrs farmer born Wai- iti, son of Leeson Bruce Griffith, farmer and Sarah nee Tunnicliffe to Leila Ann Ellen Martin 20 yrs born Spring Grove, daughter of Thomas Martin and Mary Ann nee Davies on 11th Jul 1900 at Spring Grove.
Amelia Elizabeth Smith Martin b. abt 1873 married David (Drummond) Hammond 18 August 1897 Bridge Valley, Nelson. Wedding at Bride's fathers House in Bridge Valley. Amelia 24 yrs at time of marriage. Born Waimea West, residing Bridge Valley. Witnesses: Thomas Martin, Hop grower, Spring Grove and Clara Mabel Hammond, Domestic, Waimea West.
Sylvia Geraldine "Violet" Martin b. abt 1874 married Peter Henry EVES 6 Jan 1904 Spring Grove, Nelson. Married at the Christian's Meeting House, Spring Grove aged 29 yrs as was her husband. Sylvia born Dovedale but dwelling Spring Grove. Witnesses: Thomas Martin, farmer, Spring Grove, Alice Cecelia Newth, Domestic, Spring Grove and William Bell, Farmer, Wakapuaka. Violet Martin admitted to Waimea West School by Fred'k Russ on 13 Dec 1886 from Spring Grove School for a week finishing on 22 Dec 1886 destination Home.
Photographs courtesy of Helen Jennings.